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US Department of Defense
“Cyborus is a high skilled contributor to many of our defense robotics initiatives. They are innovative and the work ethic is appreciated.” - Colonel, US Army Commanding, AWG
US Department of State
“The technology that Cyborus delivers secures our staff in our diplomatic and nation-building missions overseas. The engagement and delivery team are thorough professionals.”
Barclays Bank
“Optimal's game changing predictive analytics for our derivative and alternative asset trading platforms has been transformative."  
Lloyd's of London
“Just starting a platform development project with Optimal Markets in fractionalization and distribution of risk in a cross-jurisdiction environment. So far so good. Tight attention to details, proper communication. Decent sailing to date."
National Institutes of Health
“Biowire has been a valuable source of subject matter expertise in the creation of an A.I. powered syndromic surveillance platform. We continue to work in partnership to complete and deploy this project.”
“Biowire has been an important vendor in the research and development of virtual drug testing and digital twinning initiatives embedded with artificial intelligence , specifically computer vision, machine learning, and NLP technologies."

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