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Unique, compelling, and sustainable value propositions are the hallmarks of all SV companies. We build next generation technologies serving the Life Sciences, Defense and Space, and Financial industry sectors. Our philosophy is reflected in our tagline: Building the Next. SV fosters a culture of innovation and creativity throughout every company and affiliate.

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fundamental passion for innovation and exploration is what strongly bonds the SV teammates and SV companies together in purpose. We build trans-formative technologies and show large organizations how to build their next innovations.

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All SV employees are builders, designers, or managers. We try to be passionate at building innovation. The role of Chief Executive Officer rotates between the Executive Directors to keep diversity of thought and perspective ever present. The CEO and Executive Directors report to the Board of Directors.

SV implements the synergistic energy of Keiretsu among its companies and invites key external vendor partners to participate in the ecosystem. Together the group dynamics provide a "force multiplier" effect on the venture or project in focus. This can frequently yield accelerated development and deployment times, and the forging of next generation technologies.

We take great pride in solving complex problems for our customers and building strong partnerships with industry, government, and end users.

SV companies have been awarded over 14 patents to date for bodies of work encompassing artificial intelligence, digital twinning, augmented reality, marketplace platforms, IoT applications, and visual computing.

SV Partners is a veteran and employee-owned business.

SV companies have been recognized for service and operational excellence by the U.S. Department of Defense and our Fortune 5000 clients.

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year over year revenue growth from 2015-2020
year over year fortune 5000 and large government enterprise growth 2015-2020
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SV builders and designers live their lives as SV serial disruptors and this blog chronicles their adventures. Key observations,  big bets, and high humor await our readers as 'Gambits and Atoms' tells their tales.

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