Investors Brief

SV builds and delivers.

SV companies are built not with the end in mind...but with mind to the continuous evolution we know it takes to create sustainable innovation portfolios. Unique, compelling, and sustainable value propositions are the hallmarks of all SV companies. Get our prospectus below:

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Unique and Compelling
Value Propositions

SV companies use sophisticated user journey mapping techniques to solve for singular challenges. We can extract and heal pain points quickly, and we can discover opportunities to enhance customer experiences in multiple industries.

Exciting Joint Ventures

SV companies have built successful technology platforms in joint ventures with some of the largest firms in defense technologies, space technologies, life sciences and financial markets. The ultimate disruptors in any industry are the leaders and incumbents that show the courage to disrupt their own businesses...well before a newly funded start-up beats them to the innovation punch.

A Powerful Ecosystem

SV implements the synergistic energy of Keiretsu among its companies and invites key external vendor partners to participate in the ecosystem. Together the group dynamics provide a "force multiplier" effect on the venture or project in focus. This can frequently yield accelerated development and deployment times, and the forging of next generation technologies.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke"

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