Biowire uses big data and machine learning to assist the U.S. NIH, CDC, and USAMRIID in elevating pandemic response and readiness. We build technology solutions for Telemedicine, Syndromic Surveillance, Digital Twinning, and Predictive Genetic Modeling. All technologies are powered by the next generation of medical artificial intelligence.

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established 2016

Cyborus solutions can be found powering autonomous space operations, cyber defense networks, and advanced robotics systems. Our mission is to enable the asymmetric warfighter and provide intelligent systems to protect the homeland.

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established 2015

Optimal Markets is the first platform to use the security of blockchain and next generation A.I. to connect principal real estate investors to each other in real time and with real intelligence. Optimal platforms provide Commercial Real Estate investors with the promise of speed, intelligence, liquidity, and access.

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Optimal markets:  
established 2018

SV Partners is
Building the Next.

investors brief

e are constantly building with a mind  for transformative disruption. We know that continuous experimentation, and a sense of adventure, can light the creative fires that forge the best innovation.  

Unique, compelling, and sustainable value propositions are the hallmarks of all SV companies. We build next generation technologies serving the Life Sciences, Defense and Space, and Financial industry sectors. Our philosophy is reflected in our tagline: Building the Next. SV fosters a culture of innovation and creativity throughout every company and affiliate.

Passion powers our innovation and we are constantly looking to discover or build “the next”. We take great pride in solving complex problems for our customers and building strong partnerships with industry, government, and end users. We build trans-formative technologies and show large organizations how to build their next innovations. SV companies have been awarded over 14 patents to date for bodies of work encompassing artificial intelligence, digital twinning, augmented reality, marketplace platforms, IoT applications, and visual computing.

SV Partners is a veteran and employee-owned business.

Our Employees are everything

We hire singular talent that are generally intelligent, driven, and creative people. We invest in them and take obstacles out of their way. We listen. We invest. Everyone is in for the win, and shares in the growth opportunities or market cycle pains. We celebrate big wins and small wins at SV.

Our leadership team has an intense focus on execution and operational excellence. We coach SV leaders to execute, communicate, and build strong relationships with our customers and partners.

All SV employees are builders, designers, or managers. We try to be passionate at building innovation. The role of Chief Executive Officer rotates between the Executive Directors to keep diversity of thought and perspective ever present. The CEO and Executive Directors report to the Board of Directors.
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Our Values

We find that the customer experience, market share, earnings, and a host of mind-numbing metrics that we track daily all take care of themselves when you hire the right people, serve the right customers, and create a culture of innovation where all can share in the wins. This concept drives most of our vision, operating plans, and culture. Our foundational principles:

# Be Honorable and Admirable.
# Recognize and Reward Innovation.
# The Relentless Pursuit of Technical Excellence.
# Always Compete.
# Team Togetherness.

SV Tech Foundry: The Incubator

SV Incubated companies are joint ventures started by a builder, designer, or manager at SV. Expertise, capital, infrastructure, and access to the SV Ecosystem are provided to help ignite the new company. Also in the SV Incubator are firms started by founders not employed at SV Partners yet have garnered special interest from our executive team.

Our Ecosystem

SV has built a powerful ecosystem of internal companies and key outside vendor partners and stakeholders
{SV Keiretsu}. Working in concert this ecosystem can leverage in-family technology development (code and thought re-purposing) with external vendor support systems to rapidly bring disruptive and transformative solutions to the market.
year over year
platform user growth
2022 - 2023
Years experience
patents awarded

SV Ember Fund

SV Partners is currently building a charitable giving campaign aimed specifically at tapping the vast resources of technology companies nationwide. We are seeking donations of knowledge, in-kind equipment, services, education and other technology resources to match up to registered charitable organizations that have suffered loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. See our featured project Able Talon at

Our Commitment to Community:
  • Give First
  • Give Back
  • Give Often
  • Selfless Service is our Greatest Value

If your tech firm has done well then maybe your firm can help us do some good. SV Ember Fund matches tech resources, people and funding to charitable organizations. Up for the challenge? Curious? Click on the Donate link below to find out more.

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The Ember Fund

How We Build @ SV


Exploring the problem: Empathize and Understand

Gaining insights through observation is the inception stage of solving a problem. Building Empathy Maps and comprehensive User Journeys helps inform us as to what are we solving for. When does it need to be solved? What resources are available?

Define the problem: Ideation and Brainstorming

Here we let the mavericks do the idea mining. Do we truly understand the problem? What diverse and traditional perspectives are relevant? Are the solution goals defined in terms of the user experience? Thinking inside the box. Outside the box. With hundreds of boxes. With no box. What is the Next?

Rapid Prototyping and Iterative Feedback Loop

"What if...How might we...Why can't we... those are phrases often heard in SV design lab sessions. The design stage marks the transition from identifying problems to exploring solutions. We prioritize breadth over depth as we look for a diverse range of ideas to prototype and test in real world scenarios. The SV Keiretsu is convened and the ultimate multi-disciplinary brainstorm session is unleashed. Synergies and diversity of thought are leveraged. We then initiate the feedback-iterate loop that constantly refines our solutions and technology and prepares the best solutions for the Implement and Test phase.

Implement and Test

After the iterative prototyping process has yielded a workable product or service we move rapidly into the implementation and user testing phase. In depth user interviews, reviews of prior User Journey data, and exhaustive and intensive scenario paths push the technology past its design limits.

Deploy & Launch

A successful Implement and Test phase yields a product or service ready for prime time viewing. At this phase we engage the customer or marketplace to release the product or service for end user consumption. Requisite service and support teams are deployed to assure a superior customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Our deployment and development of AI and AGI is informed by thought leaders at Stanford , M.I.T., and the University of Washington.

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The promise of blockchain technology is prevalent in all of our industry sectors: Financial Markets, Life Sciences, and Defense & Space.

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Big Data

In conjunction with Machine Learning we are able to process vast data lakes and volumes of structured data. With petaflop compute power we can achieve elevated pattern recognition, predictive analytics, and dynamic data visualization for superior decision support applications.

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Advanced Robotics

SV development in advanced robotics focuses on the ISR (Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance) sector and autonomous space operations.

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Applied Material Sciences

SV labs work with advanced materials such as graphene, spidersilk, and vantablack to enhance robotic vehicle mission performance in functions such as traversing or processing visual computing through IR sensors.

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Augmented Reality

Our remote medicine, autonomous space operations (ARISO), and military H2M applications are powered by our ARID platform .

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