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A wonderful bit of magic for gift giving in the modern age. Through the miracle of AI-powered gift selections, supply chain intelligence, artisan management, and just-in-time custom crafting the Magic Box Co. can deliver a breath-taking one of a kind gift delivered in mysterious fun to the recipient. MBC is in early production and looks to launch in late 2020.

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The Magic Box Co.

Magic Box Co. makes or sources truly one of a kind gifts. Each gift is custom tailored to fit the recipient with either a limited edition unique item, or one of our 1,200+ artisans will hand craft a bespoke gift fitting your budget and the recipients profile. MBC online consultants spend time over a video meeting or phone call to get the precise details of your gift request and helps you pick the perfect thoughtful gift that delivers a high sentimental impact and has sustainable intrinsic value. Gift givers can watch the progress of their gift as it is being sourced, selected, or crafted. All Magic Box gifts are carefully packed and shipped in MBC trademark mystery boxes to delight the gift recipient with a remarkable presentation of the gift, and the accompanying story to go with it.

Each Magic Box Co. gift is either bespoke, or is a limited edition item that is serialized and tracked at Magic Box Co.

The Magic Box Co.

  • 1,200+ unique artisans worldwide
  • Gift consultants help select perfect custom gifts
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Guaranteed wow factor
Unique one of a kind "wow" factor gifts are the passion of Magic Box Co. artisans.

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