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As part of the Optimal Markets family of platforms Fractera is the platform powering fractional ownership of a variety of assets such as Commercial Real Estate, Business Franchises, and Alternative Assets. This next generation asset trading platform will revolutionize the concept of ownership as we know it today.

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The Unfair Investing Advantage.

As today’s investors search for ways to participate in the ownership of large assets they also seek lower costs to entry, increased liquidity, and mechanisms for risk mitigation. We see fractional investing platforms playing a pivotal role in solving these needs.

Fractera deploys AI, big data, and blockchain technologies to assure our platform can deliver on the promise of intelligent access, security, and liquidity for our Sponsors, Subscribers, and Investors. Fractera's Syndicate Builder technology makes joint ventures and buying syndicates easy to set up and manage securely on-platform.

Investors can trade within asset classes or across asset-class categories to attain the optimal risk-to-return ratio based on risk profile and investor goals. One compelling feature of the platform is the ability to create a FRACfund containing a portfolio of fractional assets using the Insight Engine to balance risk, liquidity, and hold/exit strategies. Our little market-place experiment proves a model that allows a securities-compliant, efficient, and transparent platform to connect desirable assets to a wider pool of investors armed with insight and intelligence.

Asset sellers get access to a larger pool of qualified investors and enjoy enhanced liquidity and valuations. Asset investors seeking alpha get unique partial ownership opportunities in valuable assets.

Fractera Asset Classes

The exchange offers unique opportunities to trade fractional ownership of a variety of asset classes within a category or between categories:

Asset categories:
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • SFR individual or syndication blocks
  • Land
  • Art and Collectibles
  • Business and Franchises
  • Intellectual Property
  • Alternative Assets such as Air Rights, Mineral Rights, and Municipal Revenue Streams

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