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Mindfoo is currently in production of a worldwide instructor network offering instruction on highly niche "long tail" topics. It strives to be the world's largest instructor network easily accessible over a mobile application. Instruction takes place in-person or with the Mindfoo video conferencing application enhanced with (IDoW) Instructional Design over the Web tools. A "mindfoo" blockchain utility token is used to trade knowledge over the network.

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Better Than Yesterday.

Learn anything quickly.

Mindfoo connects learners to instructors of unique and highly niche topics of emerging importance or interest. Instruction occurs at one of Mindfoo's pre-selected locations worldwide or over the virtual learning portal. Bite sized instruction delivered skillfully from validated experts gets you up to speed quickly on thousands of trending topics.

Mindfoo is in the proof of concept stage of development.

Current stats:
  • 1,150 instructors engaged as platform instructors
  • 3,500+ topics of instruction from 1-hour sessions to 1000-hour full courses.
  • Swarm blockchain powererd utility token known as "foos" power the transactional space to share knowledge
  • Currently signing accredited certifying institutions and organizations to validate the platform

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