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Biowire is developing new technologies to improve research and outcomes in the life sciences sector. Biowire uses big data and machine learning to assist the U.S. NIH, CDC, and the National Center for Medical Intelligence. Solutions include Remote Medicine (Physician to Physician), Surge Telemedicine, Field Medicine Augmentation (AR), Medical Informatics, and 3D printing of just-in-time medical equipment.

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Biowire is developing new technologies to improve research and outcomes in patient healthcare, physician support systems, and predictive and genetic analytics in the life sciences sector. Our success depends on a commitment to innovation and gaining a deep understanding of what our end users need for delivery of better health outcomes. Passion for mission and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business through the application of the innovation process propels Biowire to build the "next" in healthcare.

Biowire Technologies

Biowire builds the next generation of capabilities for healthcare and life sciences.

  • Pandemic Response and Readiness
  • Syndromic Surveillance
  • SCiO Integrations --- Field Sensor Array
  • Epidemiological Surveillance
  • Consumer Diagnostic Applications and NFC-Cellular-Wifi Wearable Devices
  • CRISPR Research Support
  • Remote P2P Medicine
  • Digital Twinning Systems and Virtual Drug Testing
  • Surge Telemedicine
  • JIT 3D printing of critical care medical parts and supplies
  • Field Medicine Augmented Reality
  • Diagnostic and Genetic "Walk Throughs" using Augmented Reality
  • Predictive Medical Informatics
  • BioHive Crowdsourcing Medical Research Platform
  • Medical Error Reduction Systems

Featured Biowire Customers

  • U.S. CDC
  • Amgen
  • U.S. NIH
  • WHO
  • IRC
  • The United Nations
  • U.S. AID
  • U.S. DHHS
  • FEMA
  • DHS
  • U.S. DoD
  • GSK

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