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Named after the 3-headed mythical guardian dog (Cerberus) that guarded Hades and the gates of the underworld, Cyborus uses AI and advancements in applied material sciences and robotics to provide protection solutions worldwide. Cyborus uses 3 key defense technologies to accomplish our global protection mission: Artificial Intelligence, Enhanced Optics & Sensors, and Advanced Defense Robotics.

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Cyborus solutions can be found powering autonomous space operations, augmented reality enhancement systems, cyber defense networks, cyber assault vehicles, advanced robotics systems, and visual computing platforms. Our mission is to enable the asymmetric warfighter and provide intelligent systems to protect the homeland.

Cyborus builds technologies using A.I., BDML, and advanced optics and sensors to provide next generation platforms for Cybersecurity, Defense Robotics, and Surveillance applications. We service U.S. federal, state, and local government agencies and provide specialized support to research organizations in the realm of asymmetric robotic warfare and autonomous space operations. In the cybersecurity realm we are a staffing and service leader for digital warfare in the 21st century. Cyborus SolveHive is a virtual collaborative think tank connecting over 250 of the world's leaders in cyber and robotic defense technologies to solve pressing national and global defense issues. Cyborus Elevated Machines Group can rapidly prototype next generation 3D-printed robotics components and ship them worldwide in a matter of days. Our primary focus is on the ISR space -- Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance --and many Cyborus team members are ex-Reconaissance operators from the U.S. military.

We have performed for Task Force 20, Task Force 145,  Project Maven (Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Function Team), Operation Spider Bite, and most recently Operation Blackwind (nocte ventus). Cyborus is an award-winning defense contractor with operational experience in every U.S. Area of Operation worldwide.

We build innovation portfolios for the defense of the homeland.

Cyborus Technologies

Technologies delivered or under development:
  • Defense Robotics Systems
  • Cyber Defense Systems
  • Cyber Assault Systems
  • HyperLens Digital Forensic Suite
  • Visual Computing Systems
  • FathomAR Augmented Reality Systems
  • ARISO Autonomous Robotics in Space Operations
  • Advanced Sensors & Optics Development
  • 3D Just-in-time printing of robotics components
  • Media and Mass Surveillance BDML platform support
  • H2M Technologies (Human to Machine)
  • Applied Game Theory: Asymmetric Wargaming
  • Digital PsyOps Platforms: Weaponized Media / Counter-Media Operations
  • Asymmetric Warfare Support

Cyborus Customers

A partial list of the customers we proudly serve:

  • US Department of Defense
  • US Airforce Afwerx
  • US Army TechX
  • Defense Innovation Unit Experimental DIUX
  • Army Science and Technology Advisory Group
  • DISA
  • Army Cyber Institute
  • In-Q-Tel
  • LAPD
  • NYPD
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • FEMA
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • U.S. State Department
  • U.S. CDC

Building Innovation Portfolios

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