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Optimal is the first REIT-to-REIT exchange built for the direct and efficient trading of off-market real estate assets. The platform was designed by REITs for REITs as a private exchange that leverages the best technology features today to reduce the cost and time of acquisitions and asset exchanges.

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Optimal Markets

Delivering Alpha.

Using a hybrid of AI-powered technologies the Optimal platform provides REITs with quick, intelligent, and confidential access to off market portfolios, assets, and opportunities to capture alpha. The platform uses a double-blind blockchain verification system to assure confidentiality, validate members, and verify matched pairs of buyers-to-assets and to align portfolios. Exchange members are assured access to unique or tailored assets and buyers. They enjoy enhanced liquidity, security, and flexibility when finding, validating, and transacting deals on Optimal Markets platforms. Members can choose to join one of four platforms or join all of them.

The Platforms.

OptimalREX is the REIT-to-REIT Real Estate Exchange platform designed to make finding, trading, and managing commercial real estate easier, smarter, and more cost-effective. The average investor can save over $25,000 per transaction in unnecessary fees and processing costs utilizing Optimal.

The daXlist platform is similar to the OptimalREX platform with a focus on real time valuations and trading of distressed assets. The platform offers confidential listing and matching of distressed assets, and a fractionalized ownership feature that minimizes risk and enhances liquidity. The daXlist platform is endorsed by the Commercial Real Estate Distressed Asset Association (credaa.org), a member organized group that educates, enables, and connects participants in the distressed asset markets.

Fractera is the Optimal Markets platform that automates the process of fractionalized ownership of a variety of asset classes. The platform acts as a matchmaker, market maker, and exchange manager of fractionalized assets. It uses AI and blockchain technology to improve the transaction experience, reduce costs, market the asset, and manage the trading of fractional ownership interests.

Altax.io is the first investor-to-investor direct exchange built for the efficient trading of off-market alternative assets. The platform was designed by investors, for investors, as a private exchange that leverages the best technology features today to reduce the cost and time of finding, evaluating, and trading alternative assets.

Leveraging the Cloud, Crowd, and Machine for optimal outcomes.

A better transaction experience from Optimal Markets is guaranteed or your membership fee is returned. Optimal members get access to our vendor ecosystem: lenders, attorneys, insurance firms and a wide selection of CRE service vendors compete for your business. Members get an assigned coordinator to manage the transaction “on platform” from due diligence to close. Transactions on Optimal close 25% faster and for up to 75% less cost.

Optimal Markets Standard Features

All Optimal platforms share the following standard features:

  • Buyers get access to unique off-market assets tailored to their portfolio needs, risk profile, and market timing.
  • Sellers get access to unique buyers seeking assets that fit the seller’s ideal profile, needs, and market timing. Sell assets or match portfolio exchanges quickly. Sell up to 3 X faster.
  • Insight Engine -- powerful predictive analytics, management, and monitoring features.
  • Fractionalization --- all platforms have the ability to fractionalize any listed asset through underwriting, management, and trading.
  • DealTeams -- collaboration made easy for pitching assets, ideas, and services. DEALteams makes looking for a good JV partner or building a syndication easy.
  • Lower transaction costs and a better customer transaction experience. Optimal platforms have superior and intuitive interfaces and responsive 24/7 global customer service.

Optimal Markets develops custom financial technology (fintech) applications for the finance, insurance, and real estate market sectors through it's OptimalFIN group. A mobile banking application is currently under development.

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