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Wyrd is a word that has old world language origins meaning fate, personal destiny, and an eye to what happens in the future. "To come to pass, to become, to be due" also apply to "Wyrd". Wyrdata builds prediction engines and advanced simulation models using BDML (Big Data Machine Learning). Our prediction engines are in the proof of concept stage at some of the largest financial institutions and government think tanks in the world.

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Financial Technology
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Predicting The Next.

Wyrdata Functionality

Wyrdata uses blockchain utility tokens to allocate predictive power to members. Successful participation invites purchases of:

# Private On-platform Research and Off-platform research repository

# Charts and Dynamic Real Time Visuals

# Predictive Analytics and Chain Theory Analysis Tools

# Applied Game Theory Simulation Tools

Private projects are underway for specific clients in banking, private market traders, and government policy making institutions. A production predictive analytics platform for general business and public use is slated for Summer of 2021.


Decision Support Platforms

A.I. powered prediction engines

Crowdsource-powered prediction engines

Tribunal-powered prediction engines (clusters of specialists and experts)

Building Innovation Portfolios

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