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The daXlist platform is part of the Optimal Markets family. It is the first exchange built for the direct and efficient trading of off-market distressed commercial real estate assets.It is a private exchange that leverages the best technology features today to reduce the cost and time of valuation, acquisition, and disposition of distressed assets. Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies enhance the transaction experience and assure high-order intelligence is available for decision support and predictive financial analytics.

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Financial Technology
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Intelligent valuations and trading of distressed commercial real estate.

The daXlist platform focuses on real time valuations and trading of distressed assets. The platform offers confidential listing and matching of distressed assets, and a fractionalized ownership feature that minimizes risk and enhances liquidity. The daXlist platform is endorsed by the Commercial Real Estate Distressed Asset Association (credaa.org), a member organized group that educates, enables, and connects participants in the distressed asset markets.

Using a hybrid of AI-powered technologies daXlist provides distressed asset investors with quick, intelligent, and confidential access to off market portfolios, assets, and opportunities to capture alpha in adverse financial circumstances. The platform uses a double-blind blockchain verification system to assure confidentiality, validate members, and verify matched pairs of buyers-to-assets and to align portfolios. Exchange members are assured access to unique or tailored assets and buyers. They enjoy enhanced liquidity, security, and flexibility when finding, validating, and transacting deals on the daXlist platform.

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