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Entos is part of the CRISPR body of practice enhancing genetic research and engineering through adapting BDML (Big Data Machine Language) technologies to emerging CRISPR protocols. Hyper-collaboration, acceleration of testing timelines, and enhanced predictive modeling gives rise to better healthcare outcomes. Entos believes in a data-science-first approach. We use cutting edge data science and technology to deliver support to firms searching for therapies that will improve health outcomes worldwide. Entos believes the cure for disease can be found within new and existing data lakes of genetic information.

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Entos sequencing using BDML and CRISPR

Entos uses the power of BDML Big Data Machine Language to provide predictive analytics and visual simulation solutions for genetic modeling specific to CRISPR applications.

Entos Beta Customers

  • Amgen
  • Juno
  • AGC
  • U.S. NIH

Entos is in mid-stage funding rounds at this time. First production platform is due for release in Q1 of 2022.

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